I paint objects and the human figure in situations taken from everyday life. 

My focus is on imperfect objects observed in moments of rest. I am interested in the timelessness of these bits and pieces of life and in beauty found in unexpected places, intrigued by the interconnectedness of all things. I take objects out of context and make them monumental.

Structure, surface and content are primary concerns, my tools being color, light and form. I paint in oils, acrylic and egg tempera, on linen or wood panel. I work slowly, often using glazes: transparent layers of paint thinned with a medium, which build color and depth layer by layer. I work on one piece at a time. As I work, the forms and colors develop slowly, almost independently. Sometimes what emerges is unexpected.

My paintings are mementoes of the journey I have made. They are testimonies to myself; my images find me, and I recognize myself in my painting. 
In my work, I explore the imagined inner life of familiar objects, the secret dialogue that takes place between them.